Next Generation Clinical Research

Manage data, monitor participants and processes—all on a single powerful platform. Carelane scales with you every step of the way.

User Interface of the Carelane Software
User Interface of the Carelane Software

Regardless of your organization's size, indication, or study phase


Carelane's platform helps sponsors to rapidly develop clinical studies, streamline trial execution, manage partners effectively, and enhance overall operational efficiency in the clinical research process.

Contract Research Organizations

Carelane empowers CROs to excel by providing a platform that enhances research effectiveness, simplifies sponsor communication, and streamlines site management, ensuring they stand out in a crowded market.

Academic Research Organizations

Carelane equips AROs with powerful tools to plan and conduct registry trials, facilitating more published papers and accelerating the development of medical guidelines, thereby advancing academic and clinical excellence.


The only platform you need

Scalable Platform

Carelane is as powerful as you need it to be, supporting everything from small studies to large-scale studies spanning multiple continents—all on one platform.

Process Coordination

Efficient process management, automated workflows, and clear communication channels to optimize the operational efficiency of your research projects.

Study Design

Comprehensive study design capabilities, including textual protocols, endpoint definition, and eligibility criteria management, to ease the planning of your research studies.

A doctor administering a vaccine to a patient.

Participant Management

Intuitive management and tracking with detailed data recording to optimize the monitoring of your study participants.

Data Governance

Secure storage solutions and real-time analytics to enhance the integrity and accessibility of your study data.

Two doctors smiling.

Site Operations

Streamlined site management, centralized coordination, and compliance tracking to empower your research sites efficiently.